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Centuries after the Quran was written, Arabic calligraphy found its geometric perfection.

Well into the twentieth century, calligraphers scribed masterpieces of Arabic Calligraphy by hand. Modern advancements in computer technologies and graphics have led to a flourishing of styles and techniques, creating an entirely new dimension of an ancient art form.

I feel honoured to launch this blog, a modest attempt to display some of my calligraphy.

If you like any of the artwork displayed here, please feel free to use it. I do request, however, that you notify me via email. Thank you.

All comments, positive and negative, are welcome.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

wa kafaa be rabbeka hadeyan wa naseera (وكفى بربك هاديا ونصيرا)



  1. Salam Brother.

    I really like your calligraphy. Please allow me to use your work. Do you have them in vector format?

    BarakaLlahu fikum


  2. Assalamualaykum

    Masha ALLAH your work is very beautiful.

    Would you be interested in doing some calligraphy work? If so, please let me know...



  3. A masjid where I'm a jama'a named Al-Falah Darus Muttaqin. Can you help me to make a khat of its name that I'll use it in its logo? Jazakallah.