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Monday, May 11, 2015

Regarding consistently poor customer service provided by GTPL


I'm a sad and unhappy customer of GTPL broadband in Surat.

If someone from GTPL is reading this mail, rest assured that I had posted this mail on social media.
I don't want to defame the company in any manner.
My only intention is to make sure that a customers voice reaches to the highest authorities of GTPL.  

The marketing guys of GTPL broadband lure the customers by offering "free months".
They collect the full amount in advance and disappear, only to come back just before the plan expires.
The amount paid in full for PREPAID connection is not refundable in case of immature termination. (which I learned the hard way)
This means the customer is totally helpless and is at the mercy of local technicians in case of any problem.

I will strongly advice against GTPL broadband service to everyone I know and to whoever asks me for an advice regarding broadband.
My recent ordeal with GTPL goes like this:

On Monday, 04 May 2015 my broadband connection suddenly stopped working. I waited 24 hours in hope that it will get resumed, as I'm accustomed to.

Second day I went to the terrace of my building, where the internet router is placed. I restarted it, but nothing happened.

My wife called customer support. After many attempts at calling the toll free number 18004190419, finally she was able to talk with some non-technical person, which was very very unhelpful and did not solve the problem. The person over the phone refused to book a complaint saying that it is a local problem and will get solved in 24 hours. This was a plain lie.

The call center where the toll free gets directed is situated in Ahmadabad.
The person over the phone has no rights or authority for anything. They are taught only a few lines, which they keep repeating regardless of your complaint. They always repeat the same lines over and over and over, which gets irritatingly unpleasant after making 8-10 calls.

I kept calling the customer support for few more days.

To my amazement, no complaint was registered by them for me till now.

On Friday, 08 May 2015 I was able to launch a complaint (ref. ID: 612078). I was assured that the problem will be solved in 24 hour. Again a plain lie. Nothing happened in 24 hours.

Next day evening, some half-educated technician called me and asked my address. My wife attended him and helped him by providing all the relevant information he asked for. He was unable to resolve the issue and left without giving proper explanation of his failure. The only thing he kept repeating was that he has come as a substitute and he is not from this area and does not know anything about the area.

Another day passed and without any progress. I kept calling the toll free number which was either busy most of the time or totally unhelpful and repetitively irritating.
On one attempt a lady picked up the phone. I insisted to talk to some higher authority, she refused many times but finally promised me that she will connect me to her higher officer. She put me on hold on full ten minutes, finally I got tired and hung up.

Then came the Sunday. All numbers were unreachable and dead.

On Monday, 11 May 2015, by using my local contacts, I was able to obtain the contact number of a local technician of GTPL. He was utterly arrogant and refused to help me in any way. He was only concerned with his own convenience. He even told me to try to resolve the problem on my own by attaching my own laptop or PC directly to the broadband line, which is actually the job of his technician.
I told him that I want to discontinue the service, but even that was not enough for him.
I was also told that in case of termination, the amount is not refundable.
He kept repeating that it will take him another 24 hours to resolve the complaint no matter whatever I had to say.

Irritated and very angry by this mediocre and irresponsible behavior, I again called the toll free number.
After a long and irritating talk with a lady on the other end I was able to talk with "the senior officer" who was equally repetitive in his answers.
Again, a new complaint was launched (ref. ID: 615749) and previous complaint was closed without my consent.
"The senior officer" pretended to be helpless and told that he can't do anything about the local staff.
The only thing I tried to convince him was, that since 6 days my broadband connection is not working and they are refusing it to put the complaint on high priority. After 10 minutes of head banging, he assured me that before 24 hours the problem will be surely resolved. I hung up knowing that nothing is going to happen.

After 2 hours I received a call, the lady abruptly asked about the MAC address of the router. I was told to check my broadband connection after a while.
In hope of some miracle, I went to the terrace of my building and restarted the router. The connection started to work.

The lesson GTPL should learn is that every customer is precious to them.
An angry and frustrated customer is a bad sign for the reputation of the company.

The first and only priority of all the employees, top to bottom, should be to help the customer in every possible way.

Thanks for reading.

Cross posted on twitter https://twitter.com/moiznagpur/status/597773492344528896

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